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A bunion is that bump on the side of your foot that forms when the big toe moves over toward your smaller toes and forces the head of your metatarsal to stick out on the inside of your foot. Bunions are largely hereditary, but can become larger due to tight fitting shoes and the way you walk. Bunions that are not treated can become painful and arthritic and cause additional problems such as heel pain, hammertoes, and neuroma.

Signs and Symptoms

The first sign is usually the bump on the inside of your foot. Other signs include redness, swelling, and callous formation over the bump.

The symptom is pain. It can be pain with pressure, pain in certain shoes, and pain when walking or exercising.


Nonsurgical treatment of bunions includes changing to a wider shoe style, padding to cushion the painful area and prevent rubbing, and orthotics to slow the progression of the deformity. Surgical correction of the bunion is recommended if the pain cannot be relieved or if arthritic changes have started to appear in the joint.

All Bunions whether they are painful or not, should be evaluated and treated. If you have noticed a bunion forming call us today at 301-937-5666 or fill out our appointment request form here.

Bunion Patient Reviews

“This brief response serves as personal testimony of my expressed confidence and satisfaction in the superior skills and abilities demonstrated by Dr. Deiboldt of the Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center. Prior to my actual surgeries this included: ingrown toenaìl, bunionostomy, and a calcaneal osteotomy.

I must confess to my feelings of dread and apprehension concerning the scheduled surgeries. Dr. Deiboldt’s knowledge and expertise in his respective field reassured me of his diagnosis of my condition and his (medical) recommendations relative to my specific needs.

It was not until the date of the actual surgical procedure that my confidence grew immeasurably! The care and concern, time and effort exhibited in his explanation of the procedure and the self-confidence portrayed throughout the entirety of my procedures increased my trust in the doctor’s professional talents.

Finally, my prognosis was highly successful. There are no medical restraints or limitations placed on my improved condition. The post-surgical consult and follow-up Physical Therapy (PT) was appreciatively well received. Dr. Deiboldt’s advice was highly instrumental in my full recovery. I can undoubtedly report, without reservation, that I have returned to excellent health and full unencumbered pre­surgical excellence.”

– Donald Briscoe

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