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Foot Infections



Foot Infections are any condition in the foot that is due to bacteria or fungi that causes inflammation of the skin or a joint. These tiny organisms can get into the body via the bloodstream, direct trauma, or an opening in the skin. Not getting treatment right away can lead to amputation.

Signs and symptoms

  • Red, hot, swollen foot or toe. It may or may not be painful. People who have decreased nerve sensation due to conditions like diabetes mellitus may not even realize there is a problem.
  • Possible fever with chills, sweating.
  • You may feel tired with muscle aches.
  • Pain can spread to other joints.
  • Movement worsens the pain.
  • You may have other injury such as an abrasion, puncture wound or cellulitis.


Get to the Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center immediately if you have the above signs or symptoms.

  • Diagnosis involves aspiration of joint to analyze the fluid, blood studies and/or x-rays.
  • Antibiotic therapy.
  • Pain medications.
  • Splint or cast to an affected limb.
  • Possible hospitalization with IV therapy.
  • Surgical debridement of the foot to remove infected fluid and tissues.
  • Possible physical therapy of involved joint using range of motion exercises; other normal activities should be resumed gradually.


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