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Calluses and Corns



Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center

Calluses (on the bottom of the foot) and corns (on top of the toes) are hard, thickened areas of dead skin that form in prominent areas where there is pressure or rubbing. Soft Corns can develop between the toes when the corn absorbs moisture from perspiration. They are the body’s defense mechanism against rubbing a hole in your skin. Tight shoes, high heeled shoes, and shoes that are too loose are common causes corns and calluses.

Signs and Symptoms

You will develop thickened yellow, dark, or pink (depending on your skin tone)skin that can become red, swollen, and painful with shoes on or when walking barefoot. Corns and calluses generally worsen over time if not treated.


Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center

Corns and calluses rarely go away without surgery, but they can be minimized and remain pain-free with the following treatments:

  • Padding to remove the pressure causing the corn or callus
  • Lotions and creams to keep the skin soft and help it slough without trimming
  • Trimming the dead skin away with a pumice stone, callus file, or professionally with a scalpel
  • Wearing shoes that accommodate deformities that rub on the shoes causing the corns and calluses
  • Surgical correction of the deformity that causes the corn or callus is necessary if the pain is not relieved with any of the above methods.


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