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In-Office Digital Ultrasound


Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center

Diagnostic Ultrasound

In our continuing effort to provide our patients with the best in podiatric care we are proud to offer diagnostic ultrasound imaging of the foot and ankle right in our office.

Much the way x-rays are used in our office to diagnose deformities and fractures of the bones, ultrasound can be instrumental in diagnosing soft tissue abnormalities of the foot such as cysts, abscesses, foreign bodies, neuromas, and ligament or tendon tears and ruptures.

In addition, ultrasound can be used to assess healing as it progresses and even aid in the treatment such as guiding the needle into a specific joint or area of inflammation.

Having this important diagnostic tool in our office will save our patients time and money because it will decrease the number of follow up visits by eliminating the need to drive to a radiology center and return at a later date for follow up and results.

Dr. Deiboldt has received extensive training and is certified in the use of diagnostic ultrasound.


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