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10 Reasons Why Orthotics Are Good For You And Your Feet

10 Reasons Why Orthotics Are Good For You And Your Feet

90% of the world’s population has imperfect feet. You may be thinking, “Yikes! How is that possible?” If that statement shocks you, then think about this: Our feet support us. Take away proper support, and you have an entire body that may be negatively affected.

Some people have flat feet, feet with falling arches or high arches. So what can the many of us with a need for special foot care or foot support do? The answer is simple: orthotics. Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why orthotics are really good for you and your feet.

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why orthotics can help your feet:

1. Orthotics cushion your feet.

One of the main reasons orthotics are used is to provide a comfortable cushioning for the feet. This cushioning will help to absorb shock when walking or running. Cushion also reduces knee movement that isn’t necessary and that may cause injury. In fact, many athletes wear orthotics to help them perform their best, to prevent foot pain and to allow their bodies to be properly aligned. It’s all about the cushion!

2. Orthotics support your arches.

All feet are unique. For people with flat feet, orthotics provide arch support to keep the foot aligned and to help control the foot from rolling inward (over-pronation). For people with medium arches, orthotics absorb shock and prevent pain. And for those with high arch feet, orthotics provide a wonderful cushion.

3. Orthotics are designed to correct the function of all the parts of your body that move.

Think of it like this: When your feet feel good, the rest of your joints typically have better alignment. When your feet don’t feel good, all sorts of issues can arise. Did you know that even headaches can be a direct result of posture-related foot problems?

4. Orthotics help to evenly distribute your weight.

The feet and heels distribute a person’s weight evenly. Orthotics can help take pressure off spots on the body that are sore due to uneven weight distribution. If you wear orthotics, your hips and back will surely thank you!

5. Orthotics take unwanted pressure off your joints.

Because orthotics help absorb shock, the pressure on the joints is reduced. This is especially helpful to people with flat feet and little arch support. Many times, simply wearing orthotics will stop their joint pain all together.

6. Orthotics help prevent twisted ankles.

Many orthotics have heel cups that prevent the foot and ankle from twisting. Runners and other athletes use them for precisely this reason.

7. Orthotics can help you run, walk and move faster.

When your feet are healthy, there’s nothing holding you back. Pain and discomfort slow you down, and orthotics can easily prevent those nuisances from happening.

8. Orthotics can prevent future damage to your feet.

When children wear orthotics, it gives the bone structure in their feet the opportunity to develop normally. For adults with normal feet, orthotics can help prevent injury form occurring.

9. Orthotics help prevent bunions, calluses and corns.

By creating a soft barrier between your feet and your shoes, orthotics prevent shoe rubbing and friction. This stops those sometimes painful and nasty bunions, calluses and corns from even starting to form.

10. Orthotics help to keep your feet healthy and clean.

Many orthotics are made with anti-bacterial and anti-odor materials that keep your feet protected inside your shoes. Clean and fresh feet equal happy feet, and you can’t beat that!

How To Get Custom Orthotics

If you are interested in getting fit for custom orthotics so that you can enjoy all of the benefits above, give us a call at 301-937-5666 – or just fill out the form on the top right of this page.

We have 3D foot scanning technology right here in our office to offer you the best custom fit available. This ensures that you will receive the maximum benefits from your new custom foot orthotics.

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