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7 Conditions You Can Improve With Custom Orthotics

7 Conditions You Can Improve With Custom Orthotics

Foot and leg pain are incredibly uncomfortable, especially when they interfere with work and other activities. The root cause of your pain may be a condition in the foot or simply how you're walking.

Shoes are another primary culprit behind foot and leg problems, primarily when they don't provide the support you need. Luckily, custom orthotics you insert into your shoes can eliminate painful problems and correct specific foot issues.

At Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center, Dr. David Deiboldt and his team provide custom orthotics for various issues, including flat feet, heel pain, and plantar fasciitis. Dr. Deiboldt is an experienced podiatrist who offers treatments to help your feet feel their best.

The facts on custom orthotics

You've probably seen over-the-counter shoe inserts at your local drug store or mall; they are the ones that have a generic fit and don't break the bank. However, generic shoe inserts don't address the real problem with your feet because they're not custom.

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts we make specifically for your feet and needs. After thoroughly evaluating your feet, Dr. Deiboldt takes a mold of each foot to provide a truly customized fit.

A lab makes the custom orthotics for you, and although they're a little more expensive, they're worth the extra money. These orthotics relieve foot and ankle pain and chronic conditions like arthritis.

There are various types of custom orthotics, including functional and accommodative. Functional orthotics are more rigid than accommodative and correct issues with abnormal foot motion.

Accommodative orthotics are more for comfort, supporting the feet for uncomfortable conditions like ulcers or calluses. Both types of orthotics target specific issues on the feet to provide long-term relief.

What conditions benefit from orthotics?

Your feet hold up your entire body and take on a lot of stress throughout the day. Without the proper support, you could be dealing with foot issues and complications with your legs, back, and hips.

Custom orthotics help with various foot conditions and other problems, too. Seven of the conditions we prescribe custom orthotics for include the following:

1. Bunions

Bunions are the result of a genetic foot structure and abnormal motion in the foot. Custom orthotics help correct the underlying structural issue by providing support and cushioning to the bunion.

Bunions are also painful, which is another reason we use orthotics. The stability and cushioning that orthotics provide helps reduce friction and painful movement in the affected foot.

2. Hammertoes

Hammertoes are often a result of a bunion, which causes deformity and pain in the second or subsequent toes. Custom orthotics address the bunion, which can prevent hammertoes from forming or worsening. They support the foot to keep the bunion in line and prevent hammertoes from causing intense pain.

3. Flat feet

Flat feet happen when you don't have adequately formed arches, leading to pain in your feet, legs, and back. Custom orthotics provide cushioning and support that lessen pain and help you walk appropriately with flat feet.

4. Back pain

How you walk and your foot structure may lead to problems elsewhere in the body, especially in your back. We prescribe custom orthotics to alleviate chronic back pain, especially when you have issues with your feet or legs.

5. High arches

Like flat feet, high arches are also a problem, leading to foot, knee, and back pain. The high arches stress the rest of the foot and may cause the feet to roll in or out. Custom orthotics address the high arches, provide support, and prevent abnormal motion to reduce discomfort.

6. Heel spurs

Heel spurs happen when excess bone grows on the heel, causing swelling and pain. Although custom orthotics can't eliminate the heel spur, they can provide cushioning and support to reduce inflammation and discomfort from the spur rubbing on your shoes.

7. Bursitis

Bursitis is when the fluid-filled sacs in the joints of the feet become inflamed, causing intense pain and trouble walking. We prescribe custom orthotics to help reduce inflammation and provide comfort and cushioning in your shoes.

Call Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center today to learn more about custom orthotics,  or use our convenient online scheduling tool to request a consultation with Dr. Dieboldt.

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