Ankle Pain Relief Laser Treatment

Ankle Pain Relief Laser Treatment

When our feet and ankles develop problems, our quality of life is lowered. Laser therapy is a modern way to provide relief for those suffering from pain and conditions such as plantar fasciitis, arthritis, foot ulcers and more. Within several months of feet and ankle pain relief laser treatment, many patients report freedom from pain and can return to their everyday activities.

What is laser treatment?

High Power Therapeutic Laser is a cutting-edge tool that allows doctors to target pain areas and treat them. The laser treats two important aspects of pain: its long-term inflammation and immediate discomfort. There are no side effects after the procedure, and the treatment is painless – the majority of patients don’t feel anything during the process. The therapeutic laser effectively treats:

Laser treatment is a great choice for patients with arthritis as it can regenerate worn cartilage, increase its thickness and decelerate the arthritic process. Compared to placebo controls, laser treatment offers a great pain relief as well as reduction of swelling and increased range of circulation and motion. It’s very rewarding for both patients and doctors to have a technology that can reduce pain and swelling as well as increase mobility after 10 treatments.

Plantar fasciitis

This is a painful condition that affects the bottom of the foot. Many doctors recommend massage, exercises, stretches and orthotics for patients with this condition, but it only provides a temporary relief. However, according to recent researches, 90% of patients with plantar fasciitis report a significant pain relief. Over 50% of them had no pain and 26% felt significantly better. Different studies have proved that abnormal thickness of the fascia was reduced. Unlike massages and stretches, laser therapy provides a long-lasting relief without compromising the quality of life.

Achilles tendonitis

Achilles tendonitis can be either a chronic or an acute injury. Laser therapy reduces inflammation and pain, thus it’s considered as one of the most effective treatments for this condition. Before therapeutic laser, patients had to perform exercises to see any results that could provide short-term results.

Foot ulcers

Chronic ulcers are one of the key sources of disability for many people. They often appear on the lower limbs and feet as a result of poor blood circulation. They are also hard to treat. However, laser therapy can speed healing of chronic ulcers. In general, laser therapy has proven to be an effective way to promote wound healing. There has been documentation of many resolutions of wounds and even gangrenous toes that could lead people to amputation if they were not treated with the laser.

So, Here’s What To Do Now…

So don’t allow ankle or foot pain slow you down or make you stop enjoying the life. Start your first laser treatment now and get back doing things you love to do without pain. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment at 301-937-5666 or click here to request your appointment online.

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