Attention Maryland and D.C. Runners – Tips For Pain Free Running

Attention Maryland and D.C. Runners

Running is a great way to help yourself be healthy, but it can also take a toll on your foot if you are not following the simple tips.

Knowing how to ensure pain free running is important for everyone who wants to stay safe. Here are the main tips to keep yourself on the road.

Consider Your Footwear

If you have noticed problems suddenly, think of what could change. Are you wearing your old shoes? Maybe it is time to get the new pair. Shoes are rated according to the mileage, which is around 500 miles for running shoes.

That means that if you run regularly, a pair of shoes will last you about 6 months and then you need to get a new one. Since shoes ensure the safe running, it is important to get the best pair you can. The right footwear will feel like an extension of your feet, which helps you correct your running technique.

Stretch Tight Muscles

Injuries during running often happen due to tight muscles. Thus, it is important to keep them soft and ready for work. Stretching before running will help take pressure off your joints and muscles, improving mobility and ensure safety. It will also help you keep the right posture, which is a common problem among runners.

Listen to Your Body

It may sound obvious but many people want to get results as quickly as possible and try to do too much too early. Many runners think that pain is an inevitable part of running and they do not see it as a problem.

However, before running on a regular basis you should learn the right technique. Good technique means that you can relax deeply, use your muscle, keep the right posture, land with a mid-foot strike and lean forward for better gravity.

Mind The Terrain Changes

Be careful when running on a new terrain because intensity changes every time you add something new to your routine. Running hills is a great way to increase stamina, but it can be too much for a newbie. Start with running on roads and sidewalks and then slowly weave new terrains into your routine. This way, everything will go without pain and other uncomfortable feelings.

Hydrate Properly While Running

The simple way to prevent muscle cramps is to hydrate properly. If you are not hydrated you will become dehydrated during running, which increases the risk of depleted electrolytes. They are needed so that your muscles can relax after running. If you do not hydrate your body before running, you increase the chance of injury.

Here’s Your Next Step…

Visit or contact Beltsville Footcare to get your feet examined by a professional podiatrist. If you already have pain, our specialists will develop a treatment plan and help your correct your running routine so that you will always have pain free running.

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