Don’t Let Athlete’s Foot “Lay You Up”

Do you have athlete’s foot?

These are all classic symptoms of athlete’s foot. Ignoring these symptoms can lead to an allergic reaction to the fungus, blistering, or a secondary bacterial infection causing the foot to be swollen, painful, hot and even cause a fever. Athlete’s foot is very treatable condition as long as you see a qualified specialist, who can quickly diagnose and provide the proper treatment.

The podiatrists at the Beltsville Foot & Ankle Center have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating athlete’s foot. They can do a quick and painless test to see if you have athlete’s foot. They will then help you to quickly relieve the itching and burning before it gets worse, or spreads to other areas of your body.

Are you tired of the typical doctor’s office – having to wait months for an appointment, a very cold impersonal doctor, feeling rushed in and out, and more like a number than a valued patient?

With the Beltsville Foot & Ankle Center you will experience:

Don’t wait until it gets worse – give us a call today at 301-937-5666 or schedule your appointment online here.

*If you suffer from diabetes or have a weakened immune system and think you may have athlete’s foot give us a call right away.

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