NBA Star Suffers Foot Fracture

NBA Star Suffers Foot Fracture

Oklahoma City Thunder star small and power forward, Kevin Durant, out with a foot fracture.

On Saturday, October 11, after practice, Kevin Durant complained of pain in his foot and had it looked at immediately.

This is when a Jones fracture was diagnosed.

A Jones fracture is a break in the 5th metatarsal on the outside of the foot. It is most commonly caused by large ground-reactive forces on a stationary foot as we would see in pushing off or landing in a jump or a quick turn.

Jones fractures are notorious for not healing due to the lack of stabilizing soft tissue in the area and poor blood flow to the area.

If the fracture is not displaced then a non-weight-bearing cast applied for 6-8 weeks can be utilized.

NBA Star Suffers Foot Fracture

However, due to the high probability of non-healing bone, chronic pain, and prolonged disability, surgical treatment with screw placement across the fracture line to provide stability and compression.

Surgery is the treatment of choice for athletes due to the short recovery time.

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