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Top 10 Tips For Buying Proper Fitting Shoes

Top 10 Tips For Buying Proper Fitting Shoes

Wearing the right shoes can help you prevent different injuries and conditions related to your feet. But not all shoes are the same.

Here, you will find simple tips that will help you choose the right shoes:

1.) When you get to the store, invest enough time to try lots of shoes. Your feet can differ in size, so you should measure them in advance and then buy shoes for your larger foot.

2.) Don’t buy shoes of the same size as your last pair of shoes. Your feet can become larger. For the same reason, don’t buy shoes that don’t fit straight away.

3.) Your feet should fit well and you should feel comfortable. Come to the store in the evening because our feet tend to swell.

4.) Proper shoes should distribute your weight evenly, search for the pair with cushions to support the arch, upper made of leather and round toe box. Make sure shoes have a roomy toe box to prevent calluses.

5.) When you go shopping for shoes, wear the socks you’re going to wear with the shoes.

6.) Shoe requirements are different for different people

Women, men, children, elderly and athletes have different shoe requirements that depend on their daily activities.

Shoes for children

Allow little kids to walk without shoes. Their feet need to grow normally and become stronger. When the child starts wearing shoes, change the size regularly and ensure there is space for feet.

Shoes for women

Women who often wear high heels may have problems with feet. According to specialists, heels can cause muscle imbalances. However, women can prevent the negative effects of high heels:

Shoes for men

Men should invest in quality shoes such as oxfords or dressy floaters. Everything with cap designs can also do the job.

Shoes for Athletes

Different sports require different footwear. Sports shoes should always be high quality, especially if you are a serious athlete.

7.) Get a new pair every time you notice the old one is wearing down.

8.) When you put on athletic footwear, choose a position that is most frequent to the activity you regularly do. For example, tennis shoes give more support to ankles while running shoes provide greater support to the forefoot.

9.) What to wear at work?

The type of work you do should help you choose the right shoes. Those who walk a lot during the day should choose cushion-soled models, while office workers can choose between oxfords, loafers and pumps. Workers in heavy industry should have protective, water-resistant footwear that can reduce the severity of injuries.

10.) Walking is a rewarding activity that has numerous benefits. Good quality, properly fitted shoes will not only make your walking more pleasant but also provide traction on slippery surfaces and resilience on hard surfaces.

Now that you know what shoes to look for, you can pick the best pair for pain free feet. If you are experiencing any type of foot pain or discomfort give us a call today at 301-937-5666 or click here to have your feet professionally examined to help eliminate the pain. We also offer specialized foot wear and custom orthotics.

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