Top 5 Warm Weather Foot and Ankle Care Tips

The warm weather is finally here after a brutal winter. Soon you will be spending more time outside exercising, going barefoot at the beach or pool, and wearing your open toed shoes.

Here are a few tips to keep your feet and ankles healthy during this time:


Summer Foot Care – All Toes on Deck: Tips for Protecting Feet from the Heat


Foot-Friendly Tips to Prevent Common Running Injuries


Walking And Your Feet – Including: Ideal Shoes, Foot Care, and Hitting the Road


Avoiding a Sandal Scandal – This tip sheet will help you avoid a beach blunder this summer by addressing all your footwear woes.


Flip-Flops – Avoid foot pain and other flip-flop fiascos with these essential tips on shopping for and wearing flip-flops.

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