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Two Familiar Heel Pain Causes – Which Do You Want To Overcome?

Two Familiar Heel Pain Causes – Which Do You Want To Overcome?

Oooooouuuucchhhhh! He screamed as he stepped out of bed in the morning to walk to the bathroom. He fell right back onto the bed wincing in pain. Took a few seconds to let the pain subside and then he tried again…every time he took another step, it was like a nail was stabbing into his heel.

This went on for a week straight with no relief, just walking enough to complete the bare minimum daily tasks at home and work was a struggle.

Is this happening to you? Do you want to know what may be causing this? Are you looking for a solution?

Conditions Covered:

Plantar Fasciitis

Most feet have strong and flexible muscles and ligaments. When you have plantar fasciitis the main ligament affected is the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the ball area of the foot, forming the main arch area of your foot.

Top Causes:

These things can cause the plantar fascia to become loose and causes small tears that can become inflamed.

Things To Reduce Inflammation:

Heel Spurs

A calcium build up on the heel bone that can grow into a shelf or pointed form.

A heel spur that grows on the front side of the heel bone and become pointed can poke into the fat pad and become very painful.


Here’s What To Do Now

Are you ready to walk, pain free again?

The Beltsville Foot and Ankle Center specialized in diagnosing and treating heel pain. All of their foot doctors are experts in the conditions that cause heel pain.

Our office is equipped with the latest technology to help you recover faster and we always elect to start with non-invasive treatments first. We only use surgery as an absolute last resort.

Give us a call today at 301-937-5666 or click here to schedule an appointment so that you can get back to your everyday activities, pain free as soon as possible.

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