What To Do For A Sprained Ankle

What To Do For A Sprained Ankle

Did you sprain your ankle?

Maybe you were playing sports, or stepped off a curb wrong, or tripped over something.

Here are a few things you should know to help it heal.

We will go over some basic things to do for your sprained ankle, but you should always call a qualified podiatrist to have it professionally examined and diagnosed.

How Long To Heal?

Most common sprained ankles take about 6 weeks to heal. In severe cases, it can take up to 4 months.

You should refrain from most physical activities involving your legs at this time as well.

This will help your ankle heal properly so that you can resume these things as quickly as possible.

It is a good decision to use ankle support during the healing phase of your sprained ankle. This could be things such as braces, supportive shoes, and c compression sleeves.

In more sever instances your podiatrist might recommend temporarily using crutches so that you do not bear weight on your ankle.

Should I Try To Move My Ankle?

If you are able to stretch the area or increase the range of motion this can promote healing and prevent some joint weakness and instability of the ankle. It should be ok to walk at this point as long as you don’t experience any type of pain.

When To Call A Foot Doctor

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, make sure to call a podiatrist right away. You always want to be cautious with any type of injury to make sure you are treating it properly, and that it is not something worse.

The symptoms are:

If you think you sprained your ankle and would like to see a qualified podiatrist give us a call today at 301-937-5666 or click here to request your appointment online.

We have same day appointments and are here to help.

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